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  1. Karen Koch

    Hi Carmen,
    Just letting you know that received your calendar and parchment prints in the mail this afternoon, both beautiful. I love that paper! How gorgeou! Where did you find it! I love anything printed on wood. That’s part of the reason I was so enamoured with your work in the Coffs gallery.
    Just wondering this original of The. Lion and the King. Is it for sale? If so, how much is it please?

    1. carmel

      Hello Karen,
      Thanks so much for your letter! I only got this today for some reason?!?! I’ll send you a private email but I think we’ve also been in touch on fb. The Lion and the King was for sale but has sold. It was very large and went for $3950. However you can always get something similar as a commission and I do have a few small prints of it for sale. I am doing a new show in Sydney in a couple weeks so I will be taking most of my new work and some older pieces down there which is really exciting. As part of the show I’ve done some more of the mini wooden paper prints. I get them printed here in Australia. Very cool!
      If you would like, it might be easier to email via because I find this comment section is a bit unrealiable!

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